Name - Jasmyn Perris
Age - 21 as of ANTAR
Sex - Female
Race/Species - Human
Status - Padawan Learner
Hair Colour - Ash Blonde
Eyes - Green
Height - 5' 5
Master with whom most closely associated with - Devlin Rikka
Lightsabre colour - Amber
Planet of Origin - Korassi
Friends - Best friend is Gethin Territ. Also good friends with Jodi Mullicar, Letina Sorrell, Dimallie Melbra, Zac V’Aladee and Krystan Harkley.
Hobbies - Lightsabre practice (perhaps because of Jodi!), anything involving gymnastics (is very supple), reading, playing Gabali.
Dislikes - Temple food (very fussy eater) and getting wet.
Likes - Jodi (alot!), chatting to her friends, having her own way.
Fave food - Low fat Corelli Ryntyl Burgers.
Fave drink - Riptide
Fave colour - Forrest Green
Character Traits - A romantic at heart! Wants everyone to find their "true love" and tries to set everyone up (quite successfully too!). Sometimes has trouble controlling her emotions. Laughs alot! Always playing with her braid. Her eyes tend to give away how she's feeling.
Most admires - Her master and Gethin.
Ambition - To be a Jedi Knight, grow her hair long and end up with Jodi!
Is the glass half empty or half full? - Who needs a drink when you have true love? Unless he's paying. Then it's full.
Wishes for the galaxy - For everyone to be happy.
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