An-Paj is about two meters tall, lean, with blue skin, white hair and two antennae on the top of his head. He has six wives, all sisters, #2 is named An-Hwset, and #3 is named An-Fyrra. He has one son, young An-Paj, by his second wife, and probably a couple of daughters by now as well. He is cheerful, with a healthy sense of humor, and is dedicated to healing, but has a tendency to do first and explain later (easier to get forgiveness than permission and all that). He had been known to get a bit annoyed with people peering over his shoulder and trying to interfere while he is working. Well, not noticeably annoyed, not really. He just gets them out of the way (using sedatives if necessary). Contrary to popular belief, he does not spend all day lurking the the infirmary, waiting to pounce on Obi-Wan. He is actually quite fond of the young Padawan and occasionally feels sorry for him, though he would never admit it, and tries to hide this emotion behind a facade of exaggeration. Generally a pleasant, couteous companion and a joy to have around.


I just have to add a few things to An-Paj's profile. Wife Number Two plays a small part in Jedi Go Home, and I got things mixed up and named her An-Hwaet. Their home planet is called Ossa and the adjective to that is Ossar, as in "I like Ossar food." The wives like to wear colourful native clothing with little hats on their heads behind their antennae.

But now I'll make the official Wife List.

An-Afor (one daughter)
An-Hwaet (son, An-Paj)
An-Fyrra (one daughter)
An-Darste (one daughter)
An-Silf (no children)
An-Taec (no children)

As you can see, An is the family name, and when they speak to each other, they say Paj or Hwaet or whatever. An-Paj refers to them in public as Number One, Number Two, and so on. Number Two is a bit bossy, and Number Six is a bit possessive about An-Paj.
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