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A long time ago…well, two years ago, March 2000 to be precise, in a galaxy not so very far away, a twenty-something wannabe author, bored and with far too much time on her hands, visited the wonderful web site known as the Force.Net. There she found many like-minded individuals all devoted to the ways of the force, who didn't regard her as some kind of nerf-brained imbecile for wanting to commit her ideas to the internet, or indeed point her out as being one midichlorian short of an initiate for having the nerve to hope people would laugh at her humble attempts at comedy.

Advised not to jump in and write anything before she actually had any ideas to speak of, the author shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to do just the opposite, creating a "Round-Robin" that would inflict the Star Wars writing community with gentle humour, crass vulgarity and in-the-face slapstick. Delighted to find that she had an audience of sorts the author and her fellow writers on
Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My! formed a tight-knit community of their own, (jokingly referred to as the Fellowship of the Chronicles) many of whom continue to write to this day.

Lions and Tigers and Padawans proved such a hit that the author got totally carried away and risked life and sanity to bring the almighty A Night to (almost) Remember to the internet before LT&P was even finished. A prequel of sorts, ANTAR as it became affectionately known set the trend for many of the subsequent stories by establishing characters who seemed so real at times that they appeared to breathe by themselves, sometimes even dictating their own plot lines or causing the story to go off in a completely different direction. Of course, the situations may have been slightly bamboozling: would jedi actually deign to go on a massive rollercoaster of a cantina crawl, even in the name of charity? But the originator of the chronicles decided that the greatest fun to be had was in taking sober, pious, straight-laced individuals and thrusting them headfirst into situations potentially unrealistic and unknown. Would they cope? Or would their true colours be revealed?

went on to win many awards at the 2000 writers' awards on The Force.Net, so much so that the creator was almost embarrassed. Spurred on by this success, and knowing that with her special and beloved band of co-writers there was little that could not be achieved, many further stories were forthcoming: A Problem Shared (Is a Problem Multiplied…), The Cruellest Cut of All and the gargantuan novel The Lion Sleeps Tonight amongst many others. Whilst contributing, many of the individual authors continued to write their own stories based within the Chronicles or in their own version of that Galaxy Far, Far Away…

And so the fun carries on; Snapshots, missing scenes, round-robins, full-fledged stories and mini-fics all produced by a collection of diverse and wonderful people who enjoy playing within the Star Wars galaxy, whilst being mindful of George Lucas' wonderful creations. There are too many authors involved to name but further information on them can be obtained by clicking on the links "Author Interviews" and "About The Authors" at the  top of the page..

Jemmiah, author, would like to take this opportunity to thank all writers and readers of the Jemmiah Chronicles, along with her hard working sister Calamity Jinn who helps maintain the Hell's Chance Cantina Website, and asks that all donations be sent to the Institution for Burned-Out, Over-Worked Fan Fic Writers which has been set up in her name.

Thank You.

About The Chronicles

Of course, everyone knows that George Lucas invented Star Wars.

Jemmiah Chronicles (title coined by Jedi Gryph Grin) owe absolutely everything to GL, because if he hadn't come up with such a fantastic idea the creative world would have been considerably poorer. A generation of kids grew up (or in some cases refused to grow up!) acting out mock lightsabre battles in backyards with giant sticks to the cry of "You'll have someone's eye out with that!" from many a worried parent. In many ways fan fiction is perceived as a gentler, more sedate way of keeping the Star Wars flag proudly flying into the future, long after Episode Three has graced our screens. Battles instead are fought with words and pens. Although it should be stressed that biros are no match for a lightsabre…

The Chronicles are an unusual look into the Star Wars universe in that the main focus of the stories comes in the shape of Jemmiah Gleshan (hence the
Jemmiah Chronicles) and her life during the Jedi Apprentice/ Attack of The Clones period and beyond. Through her eyes and experiences we get a closer look at the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Yoda and many others. Over the coming years the stories will extend even further afield, possibly taking in the Classic Period of the Luke/Han/Leia years and the days of the Rebellion. There will even be a few surprises along the way.

Jemmiah in many ways performs the same function as the EU Han Solo character does in that she is a non-jedi observing amidst a world of force adepts. In most respects her life mirrors that of Anakin Skywalker in later years, from her unfortunate background and the baggage she carries into her new life with the jedi, to her dislike of Corellia's upper class, yet her apparent double standards in taking advantage of both sets of guardians when the occasion arises. She's smart-mouthed and in some respects indulged by the likes of her Uncle, yet streetwise and hardened emotionally. Her interactions with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan will have a profound effect on what happens subsequently as will be seen…

Jemmy might well be one of the key characters in the Chronicles but she is by no means the only one whom interacts with the major characters. The likes of Rela Quinn, sharp-talking bar tender in the Dawn 'Til Dusk Cantina, kind hearted Healer Leona P'lila, Casanova Jedi Master Dex Berlingside, the immortal An-Paj, the wonderful Seamus Junaid, smuggler Lilith Demodae and troubled Knight Barin Truthfinder all play important roles. And who knows what fate has in store for them?

Their fictitious lives continue shape the Chronicles and the galaxy in which the stories are told.

No Money Back Gurantee

If you do not like this product please do not complain to the authors as it makes them very depressed. Authors are delicate blooms and need coaxing and lots of love for them to blossom. If you think their writing is bad, shouting about it will not help them improve! Support your local author and send them lots of nice, thankful, praising words. Tell them that their work is the best thing since Stephen King or Douglas Adams. Say how much you'd love to meet them in real life and wait in an enormous queue for fifteen hours to get their autograph. Let them feel appreciated by telling them how you think they should be writing Star Wars novels for real.

Lie if you have to.

*Footnote: No Nerfs were seriouly hurt in the process of bringing you the Jemmiah Chronicles.*