Mouse was born on September 17, 1972 (yes, I too believe that it was a good year) in Atlanta Georgia. She grew up in Roswell Georgia, which is located about thirty minutes north of Atlanta. Mouse grew up in a loving family, but we still like to joke that we put the Ďfuní in dysfunctional. She grew up a tomboy and played sports all the way through college. Graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1995 with, get this, a BS (yes you read that right) Recreation and Leisure and got married two weeks later. In June 1998 Mini-Mouse came along and she quit working to stay home full time. (Thank you Hubby!)
Mouse is a huge movie buff and has the odd ability to remember which actors/actresses stared in which movie. (Her mom tends to call her from work to get someoneís name she canít remember.) Loves to read too, anything from Stephen King to a really trashy romance novel to fantasy and sci-fi. Never really thought about writing much, but would create character sketches that she would envision interacting with the characters from a movie or book that she really enjoyed. The making of a fanfic writer and didnít even know it!
Mouse has always loved Star Wars. She vaguely remembers seeing Star Wars in the theaters. Remembers seeing The Empire Strikes Back a little better. Was taken out of school early to see Return of the Jedi, although Gryph (Mouseís brother) would like to argue that point! He says it was Star Wars, and heís wrong! Mouse does 
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give him credit for reintroducing her to that galaxy far, far away that she loves. He took Mini-Mouse too and she slept through the Battle of Naboo! Thank the Force for naptime!
Mouse now lives on Lake West Point on the Georgia/Alabama boarder with her Hubby and daughter. They are looking to relocate in the next year, hopefully to somewhere in Florida with a beach nearby. Still in love with fan fiction as much now as she did over a year ago when she started!