Healer Leona

On Dec. 19th 1958, during a raging snowstorm a girl child was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (donít know if it was really snowing, just thought it sounded good). She grew up in a normal (?) home, the second of four children. (I swear itís the middle child syndrome that caused my insecurities). As a child she was a terminal tomboy, hating everything to do dresses, jump rope and hopscotch. At the age of ...ummm I think it was about ten, she was rummaging through some old boxes in the basement (she was suppose to be cleaning it) and found something that was about to change her life. Among a rather dank, moldy stack of magazines she pulled out one that caught her eye.

Famous Monsters of Filmland.

From that day forward an obsession of all things creepy and sinister was a part of her life. Instead of fawning over the latest pop stars of the time (Michael Jackson, Donny Osmond) she taped pictures of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price to her walls. Throughout her life her dark thoughts intruded on the real world...her first stories written including 
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ghosts, vampires and creatures from the deep. Most people looked at her strange and shook their heads sadly at the peculiar girl.

Then she met a man who was unafraid of her strange ways and married her.

She continued her writing, being inspired by her favorite author Stephen King. The years flew by and then one day she dragged her husband and reluctant daughter to the movies to see the most awaited for sequel in history...The Phantom Menace. By the ending credits said daughter was torn between her love for the young Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and the evil Sith Apprentice Darth Maul. After seeing the movie nineteen more times Young_Sith_Apprentice came to be and pleaded with her mother for all manner of TPM merchandise to turn her bedroom into the holy shrine it now is.

Sharing their love for TPM, YSA came across a new and wonderful thing on the computer called fan fiction. Showing her mother, new stories sprang to mind and she saw that this was good. Her mother began to write again and Healer Leona was created, at first as author only. Then she saw how she could join the SW universe and chase after her favorite Jedi Master.

Now she revels in the new world of fanfic, basking in the love of those she found to be just as strange as her.