Jemmiah was born (she was, honest!) on August 15th 1973 in the City of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland where she currently resides. As such she is a Leo and therefor naturally talented, charming, witty, kind, loveable and just an all-round brilliant kind of gal. There was also something about vanity…but don't believe everything you read in horoscope books!

Her hobbies are writing, watching horse racing, keeping guinea pigs, singing, reading and drawing. (She has a diploma in fashion/stitched textiles) Jemmiah considers herself to be an amateur historian on the Aintree Grand National, so she is always in demand for the annual pub quiz. Infact she is a font of completely useless information. She has an office job and the highlight of her working day is going home in the evening…

She has no second house in the Caribbean (and even if she did she wouldn't go there because of all the inoculations).

Jemmiah is the biggest coward in the galaxy.

She has no money at all because her employers are extremely mean but says that the suffering makes her a better artist. (Which makes her a masochist) Her ambitions are to win the national lottery jackpot, settle down, write a few hundred novels and buy a horse to win the Grand National.

She doesn't see any of the above happening any time soon, so she contents herself with freaking people out with her strange toe-related party tricks!
*The Author in 1977, the year of the first Star Wars film.*
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