Born in Surrey, England, 1973, got the bit of paper to prove it. Eldest of two girls, the younger one has her own bit of paper. Tried lots and lots of hobbies. It would be easier to list the things NOT tried at some stage. Got several bits of paper out of them; read a multitude of others. Qualified as a lifeguard and swimming teacher. Got those bits of paper. Took school exams from Ancient Greek via Physics to Art and Drama. Got those bits of paper too. Went to college to do a Diploma in Audio Visual Design (That's film, TV, radio, photography and stage stuff for those who went 'duh?'). Got another bit of paper. Married. Got bit of paper. Had a son. Got ANOTHER bit of paper. Went to university to do an Engineering degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. Separated from husband- no bit of paper yet. Graduated: yep, more paper. Got a job writing technical-type bits of paper to get other bits of paper that were worth money. Began looking after computers as well as bits of paper. Started living in the Twelfth Century at weekends, and now collect interesting bruises as well as paper.
Hai Gan
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