Jedi Gryph Grin came into this world on November 19 in the year…well, lets just say that Gryph is 30…and holding.  On that fateful morning (4-something A.M.) Gryph’s Mom was convinced that the odd feelings in her tummy were not caused by labor pains, but were the result of eating too much beef stew the night before.

A little late learning to read and a little late learning to write, things nevertheless seemed to progress in a stately manner.  Gryph grew wise in the ways of the world, and was content to drift through life as a complete and utter slacker.  That is until, at the distinguished and venerable age of 11 years old, something came into his life that would change his outlook forever. 

That thing was a book…three books actually.  Gryph found them at a school book sale in a boxed set, the cover pictures were pretty neat-o,
and something deep down inside him seemed to spark as flipped through the pages; so he spent his carefully hoarded allowance money to buy them, took them home, and began to read.

After finishing the trilogy of books, Gryph’s quiet little world exploded and he realized that there was something out there besides the hum-drum reality of everyday life.  (Just in case you’re wondering those books are:  DragonFlight, DragonQuest, and The White Dragon.  The beginning of The Dragonrider Series by Anne McCaffrey, which has sequels continuing even to this day.  And yes, I still have them).
Jedi Gryph Grin
From then on Gryph was a reading maniac, especially in the genres of Science Fiction & Fantasy.  Over the years he studied music for 13 years (attending University on a Music Scholarship), has been a part of theatre groups, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Ever since his first exposure to fiction he has wanted to write, but was never able to find an outlet where he could get input and feedback on his endeavors; that is until he joined the JC Forums.  Making many friends, and learning more and more about the writing process daily, the Forums have helped Gryph immeasurably in many ways.  While continuing to participate in the JC Fan Fic groups, Gryph is also in the process of working on a non-Star Wars work of fiction (hopefully) to be submitted for publication one day a long time hence, in a galaxy far far away.  *grin*

Gryph is currently in the process of tearing out every hair on his head by the roots trying to get life-in-general squared away after his recent relocation to Sydney, Australia where he plans to continue writing his non-SW topics as well as on the JC Forums (hopefully gaining the skills and knowledge to be able to write full-time one day). 

When asked how he likes his new life living in Oz, Gryph can answer in just two words… “I’m Home.”
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