Calamity Jinn
Calamity Jinn made her debut on the stage of life, ironically enough on April Fools Day 1970. If her mother had had any sense at all she would have recognised the omens and fled, screaming and wailing into the distance. As a child she was very independent and contrary, never doing as instructed, in which respect very little has changed!

Like her sister, Calam grew up and still lives in the capital city of Edinburgh. She has an exceedingly boring job that pays the mortgage but her real love is teaching a group of similarly hyperactive midgets to roll around on mats and swing round long poles. (Gymnastics, for those who were thinking of something more, er…exotic!). The club she coaches with has achieved many noticeable successes including Scottish Champions.

Her sister, Jemmiah, introduced Calam to the Universe of fan fiction. Originally her favourite character was Luke (it must've been something about the Jedi) but she soon developed some taste and moved on, professing her devotion to young Obi-Wan.

Her ambition is to win the lottery so that she may (politely) tell her employers what they can do with their job!
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*Calam, aged three*